Work at CCSC

Our counseling staff is comprised of college students, graduate students and teachers. We are looking for individuals who have the desire and talent to make a difference in a child’s life. It is probably one of the most demanding, yet satisfying jobs on the planet. Our staff are chosen carefully, with an eye on their ability to be good role models, contribute positively to children and to teach specific activities. There are 90 Resident Camp counselors, 74 Day Camp counselors and 28 supervisory staff.

Camp Season

The camp season is 7 weeks long for the campers, July 1 – August 18th, 2018; and the day camp season is July 2nd – August 17th, 2018. The commitment for staff is approximately 8 weeks, June 22nd – August 19th, 2018. Counselors must attend the staff orientation prior to the campers’ arrival and remain at camp after the campers’ departure until their responsibilities are completed.


There are approximately 380 campers ages 8-17 in our Resident Camp and 300 campers ages 4-17 in our Day Camp. In each unit there are 5-10 counselors and a Head Counselor, augmented by 4th year Teen Leaders.  At the Resident Camp, there are always at least two counselors in each cabin such that the counselors have every other night off and one day off per week as assigned by our Program Director. Counselor areas are simple but are separated from the camper areas. Most all cabins have bathrooms attached and all cabins have electricity. Shower houses are adjacent to the cabin areas.


Our Program Director assigns counselors to activity areas on a weekly basis. Activity periods last approximately 1 hour. Depending on the number of campers taking an activity, there are a proportionate amount of staff assigned for coverage, i.e. 25 campers in archery would have 4 staff assigned. Sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing and canoeing are offered as all-morning or all-afternoon activities. The major activities we hire staff to teach include: Sailing, swimming, tennis, arts and crafts, drama, woodworking, archery, Olympic marksmanship (BB’s and Air Rifle), photography, nature, landsports, dance, newspaper/good books/creative writing, cycling, snorkeling, waterskiing, kayaking, windsurfing. We encourage counselors to introduce new activities within the confines of our camp philosophy.

Sailing Jobs

Members of the sailing staff must have current certification in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding or Small Craft Safety (sailing, canoe/kayak). Other certificates are welcome such as  US Sailing Level 1 Certification, USCG Launch Tender License (or higher license).

Swimming Jobs

Members of the swimming staff must have WSI (Water Safety Instructor) or LGT (Lifeguard Training) and CPR. Lifeguards must have current CPR and First Aid certificates.

Certification School

We run a certification school in June and offer courses in Small Craft Safety and Water Rescue, CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding. In addition, we frequently offer certification courses for the National Archery Instructor and the CMP/JROTC Rifle Instructor.

Equal Employment Opportunity

There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, sex, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. There shall be no discrimination against an otherwise qualified individual by reason of disability or age, as defined in the applicable laws. In addition, to ensure full equality of opportunity in all operations and activities of the organization, every staff worker employed at the Cape Cod Sea Camps, Inc. shall be selected under fair employment procedures that provide equal employment opportunities to all people. There shall be reasonable efforts in affirmative action/equal employment in the recruitment, hiring, training and promotion of minorities and war veterans.