Mission & History

The Cape Cod Sea Camps Mission

Through personal commitment and dedicated to the development and guidance of youth we will provide a unique educational environment in which individuals have fun and realize their worth and potential.

Working Philosophy

Cape Cod Sea Camps MissionThe Cape Cod Sea Camps are preeminently dedicated to the guidance of youth and founded on the principles of love for fellow men and appreciation of God’s world and people. Camping is a joyful educational experience carefully designed to allow children to develop all aspects of their personalities – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Children at camp are viewed not merely as “miniature adults”, but as youngsters who need constant care and attention to help them develop into happy, productive, sensitive men and women. Camp provides a microcosm in which a child’s attitudes will be greatly influenced and in which he may “experiment” with new types of behaviors in a controlled, responsive environment. Camp helps children learn about themselves as they learn about people and natural beauty around them. As each child is respected as an individual, so he is encouraged to become sensitive to the unique aspects of humanity in others. Children are helped to overcome the insensitivity inherent in categorizing individuals by group associated through living, working, playing with others of both sexes, and various ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds.

The Cape Cod Sea Camps are “people places” where the needs of children and abilities of the staff determine the program; no tradition is so entrenched that is wisdom cannot be scrutinized and no proposed innovation is too radical not to merit serious consideration. The essence of the camp is the multifaceted composite personality of every person who has influenced it throughout more than three quarters of a century, and the substance of its future has yet to be determined by those who will give of themselves tomorrow. Everything that happens at Cape Cod Sea Camps, however, is strongly imbued with the moral consciousness that it takes time for a child to grow and a deep conviction that camping is indeed an educational experience, and unlike any other anywhere.

History of Cape Cod Sea Camps

Cape Cod Sea Camp Founder Robert DelahantyThe history of the Cape Cod Sea Camps, Camp Monomoy for Boys and Camp Wono for Girls, is the story not only of two children’s camps, but also of a family, the Delahantys. More than any other single individual, Robert J Delahanty created and crafted the essence and character of the Sea Camps. It was his vision that came to life in 1922 and which still endures today. With the inestimable assistance of his wife and partner, Emma Berry Delahanty, and later, their daughter, Berry Delahanty Richardson, Captain Del gave substance to his dreams, founding a business and embarking on a calling.

Captain and Mrs. Del dedicated themselves to serving youth. From the beginning of his career, Captain Del passionately believed in the educational and spiritual value of properly constructed recreational activities. His brilliance shone through in his camp program offerings, and also in his innate sense of what was good and useful for children. He understood that every child needs to be best at something, whether hitting a baseball the furthest, sailing a course the quickest, swimming a distance the fastest, or simply having the most perfect bed in camp.

Today the Delahanty tradition not only endures, it flourishes! Captain and Mrs. Del’s granddaughter, Nancy Garran, now steers the ship with the same commitment to excellence laid down by her grandparents and her Aunt Berry.

Cape Cod Sea Camps Timeline


Camp Monomoy for boys is founded by Robert J. Delahanty (Capt. Del) and Harriman C. Dodd (Skipper Dodd) two educators at Worcester Academy, a private boys school in Massachusetts.


Camp Mon-O-Moy moves from West Harwich to Brewster.


Camp Wono for girls is founded by Capt. and Mrs. Del in East Brewster, MA directly on Cape Cod Bay not more than 1/2 mile from Camp Monomoy. (current location of Cape Cod Sea Camps).


Monomoy Day Camp is conceived as a separate camping program for children on Cape Cod utilizing the facilities of both Monomoy and Wono.


Monomoy and Wono combined onto one campus, Camp Wono, offering a co-educational recreational overnight camping experience for children, Cape Cod Sea Camps. Monomoy Day Camp operates from the Camp Monomoy site.


Camp Monomoy becomes a part of Nickerson State Park after being purchased by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Monomoy Day Camp moves to the Camp Wono campus.


Cape Cod Sea Camps celebrates it’s 85th anniversary.


Nancy Garran, granddaughter of Capt. and Mrs. Del, is Executive Director of the Cape Cod Sea Camps, managing the day to day operations of both the overnight and day camping programs.