Is CCSC an accredited camp?

Yes, CCSC is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) every three years. The ACA’s Standards Program is the only nationally recognized program to monitor all aspects of a camp’s operation. Less than 2000 camps nationwide have earned this prestigious distinction. Furthermore, CCSC is licensed by the town of Brewster on an annual basis as determined by the MA Dept of Public Health (105 CMR 430.000). Information on these regulations can be obtained by calling 617-983-6761. Parents may request from CCSC (included in our Parent Handbook), copies of our policies on counselor background screening, health care and disciplinary policies.

When can I visit my camper?

CCSC recognizes parents and campers may be hesitant about their child’s camp stay. However, through our years of experience regarding adjustment to camp and our strong commitment to fostering a child’s independence and self-reliance, our policy has been to restrict visitations and telephone calls to campers during the first 7 to 10 days of a camper’s session. Please let your family and friends know our policy so that we can help facilitate your child’s smooth transition to camp. After the adjustment period, parents and guests are welcome to visit camp. Remember the camp day is very busy and full of activities, so we have provided specific details and suggested times to visit camp, in our Camper Safety Section of our Parent Handbook.

Can I visit CCSC before I send my child?

We encourage new campers and families to visit camp to discuss our philosophy, program, meet staff and tour the facility. You will want to call in advance for an appointment. All visitors must register at the main office. Visits during the camp season can be arranged from 10AM to 11:30AM or 1PM to 2:00PM at the Day Camp or from 10AM to 11:30AM or 1PM to 2:30PM at the Resident Camp. Note: No visits are permitted during the first week of Resident camp. In addition, we offer informal Open Houses in the Fall and the Spring for families to tour the camp grounds, talk with other camp families and meet the directors. Please call for this year’s dates. We are also happy to give tours during the off-season. Please call or email to schedule a convenient time.

Do you provide financial assistance?

A limited number of camperships are available each year. Most camperships are granted based on both need and merit. Applications for camperships must be completed and returned to CCSC by January 1st of each year.

Where do most of the resident campers come from?

The majority of CCSC’s campers come from the New England states, as well as NewYork/New Jersey areas. In addition, campers travel from over 23 different states and at least 18 different countries including Europe, South America, Asia, Mexico, Canada, the Carribean and Africa. Many of our campers are children of CCSC alumni.

What is the food like at camp?

CCSC’s menu is designed to appeal to our campers. Our food service and chefs provide a large variety of nutritious and well-prepared “kid-friendly” selections; and alternatives, including vegetarian options, are available at every meal. Two large salad bars are offered at both lunch and dinner. A specialty salad and deli bar is available daily for lunch and dinner always includes a pasta option as well as a hot dinner choice.

Do you run other sports camps at your facility?

Although not operated by CCSC staff, at the conclusion of our CCSC resident and day camp programs sports camps lease our facility. To obtain more information about these camps please contact the following:

Is there an age requirement for sailing?

No. Campers must be in American Red Cross (ARC) swim level 3 or higher to participate in sailing. If your child has never been tested according to ARC requirements, they will be assessed on their first day of camp to be placed in the appropriate swim group.

Can a camper sail every day at camp?

Although we encourage campers to try a variety of activities at camp and try not to focus on just one activity all summer long, your child may choose sailing each week as an activity choice. Sailing takes place for the entire morning or afternoon. Usually a camper is programmed into sailing for the morning or afternoon and then chooses other activities for the remainder of his/her schedule. Sundays are an opportunity for campers to participate in a camp wide sailing race to practice the knowledge and skills gained during the week.

Is swimming required at camp?

We require every child, particularly those interested in our Leadership Training Program, to take swimming lessons every day until they pass their American Red Cross Level V rating. The exception to this is if a parent prefers their child to gain as much experience sailing as possible. With parental permission, the child may choose to take Bay Sail in lieu of swimming for a week. This must be indicated on the Personal Information Form.

How does a camper sign up for activities?

Campers sign up for activities each week with their Head Counselor while at camp. Head Counselors usually sit with each camper and create a schedule according to the weekly offerings and the activities encouraged by parents. There are six activity periods or mods offered each day with sailing, waterskiing, windsurfing and challenge taking place either all morning or all afternoon. Although activities may not be in the exact order a camper requests, every effort is made to provide each camper with their first choices each week and we are usually 99% successful.

Are campers allowed to bring electronics or cell phones to camp?

No. To maintain our distinctive camp environment and to promote the values of self reliance and independence, we do not allow electronic communication equipment such as cell phones, gaming devices, tablets or computers at camp.

What’s the medical care like at camp?

Cape Cod Sea Camps provides a health center team of four registered nurses and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Open clinic times are held in the morning after breakfast and again following dinner. Campers may visit the health center if they have any medical concerns during these times. The health center is staffed 24 hours a day while camp is in session. A local pediatrician makes visits to camp and is available for emergencies. Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis is approximately 25 minutes from camp. Fontaine Medical Center is 10 minutes from camp with x-ray and laboratory facilities. Brewster Fire and Rescue has an emergency response system, only minutes away, with qualified rescue personnel.

What should I pack for my camper?

Dress at camp is informal. Campers need rough and tumble wear that requires no ironing and is comfortable to wear. A camper should have enough clothing for ten days to allow for our laundry service. A guide for packing is provided in the Parent Handbook. As a parent, you know your child best and what their needs might be for clothing. Just remember that what you send to camp might not return at all or in the same condition you sent it!

When can I talk with my camper on the telephone?

For parents of new campers only, your child’s head or assistant head counselor will call within the first 2-4 days of your child’s arrival at camp to let you know personally how your child is adjusting. Veteran camper families are not contacted. After the adjustment period of 7-10 days, telephone calls between parents and campers may be arranged. Due to a limited number of telephones, the extensive camp grounds, and the full camp program, we recommend arranging a specific time for your camper to call you. The best time for calls to be made are from 12:30 to 2:15 PM; and 6 to 7 PM.

How do you provide discipline at camp?

The ultimate goal of all discipline is self-control. Eventually, any outward sanctions utilized for discipline are replaced by inner controls that regulate behavior according to each situation a child encounters. Children need time and firm but fair discipline to serve as a guidance element for their behavior. Our goal in discipline is not to punish but to teach (from the Latin “disciple” – teacher) correct behavior. Children need to learn how to take responsibility for their actions. Discipline at CCSC is circumstantial. Each and every situation is treated differently depending on the severity of the behavior. A complete description of our Disciplinary Code as well as the Camper Code of Conduct is available in the Parent Handbook.

What about Laundry Service?

Campers in the Resident camp and Campers A-Way programs can have their personal laundry serviced each week at our laundry facility. All personal items and laundry must be marked with your camper’s name. Special attention is provided for specific laundry needs, such as wet clothes, soiled bedding, etc. Laundry service is included in the Camp Service Fee. Note: There is no laundry service for campers in the Day Camp and Days A-Way programs.

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