Cabin Life

Living in a cabin is an essential part of the overnight camp experience. Boys and girls are housed separately. Campers gain independence and a sense of community by being responsible for making their beds, helping to clean their cabins and the surrounding grounds each day in addition to helping maintain common areas such as the Outdoor Theater, shower houses and the Dining Hall.

Campers are housed in comfortable cabins accommodating between 10 and 16 campers with two to four counselors. The cabins have electricity and screened windows. Bathrooms are attached to all but three of the original cabins which have adjacent toilets. Campers are provided shelves for their personal belongings to be stored.

In order to maintain our distinctive overnight camp environment, we do not allow campers to utilize or have in their possession cellular telephones or devices which can access WiFi  or use cellular data while at camp. Counselors and staff are also restricted in their use of cellular phones or other electronic devices while on campus.

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