Teen Leadership

Day Camp Leadership Training Program

More comprehensive that the usual CIT or LIT Program, our program is a challenging leadership course that encompasses four summers for young adults 14-17.

Training includes skill development in camp activity areas, supervised teaching and counseling experiences, and American Red Cross course work for certifications. This unique program helps to instill in young people the self-discipline and motivation to be leaders and role models at camp, at school and in their communities.

Each LT plays an important role at CCSC and is encouraged to set goals for personal growth and group achievement. Certain requirements must be met in order to complete each year of the program. Behavior, attitude and commitment are also important ingredients for success.

The Leadership Training Program has been built on the belief that a carefully constructed balance of supervision and independence; responsibility and freedom; work and play; and activity and rest are essential in helping young people grow and mature.


Leadership Training Program Eligibility

Candidates for the LT Program may be 14 or 15 years of age, entering 9th or 10th grade. The program welcomes both new and returning campers during the first two years of the program. Campers who have completed a summer in our Petty Officer unit are usually eligible. The LT3 and LT4 years are designed for returning campers only. Candidates must be recommended and invited to join the Teen Leadership Program each year. Letters of invitation are written by the directors and sent to prospective candidates in September.

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