Where do most day campers come from?

  • 7% live on Cape Cod year-round
  • 36% live in Massachusetts but off Cape
  • 66% of our campers are from New England
  • 13% are from New York and New Jersey
  • 15% are from the rest of the United States
  • 6% are from foreign countries (recently including Canada, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, and Singapore)

What is the boy-girl ratio?

Our ratio is approximately 53% boys, 47% girls.

How do day campers get to camp?

Around 80% of our campers take one of our five buses on a regular basis. In addition to the experienced bus driver, there is a camp counselor who serves as a bus monitor on each bus every day. Campers of all ages take the buses. If a camper who usually rides the bus cannot take the bus on a particular day, that’s fine too. There is no additional cost for this bus service. Buses make stops in Brewster, Orleans, Harwich, Chatham, Dennis, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Eastham, Wellfleet, and Truro.

Do campers bring their own lunch?

No. We provide a hot lunch everyday as well as a deli bar, salad bar, fresh fruit, drinks, and dessert. Our dining service is nut free. If your camper has special dietary needs, please contact us.

How long do most campers attend?

The average stay of our campers is 3 weeks. However, 26% attend only one week, and 32% attend two weeks. 17% of our campers attend all seven weeks.

Should my camper come for consecutive weeks, or take a week off?

It depends on your camper. There will certainly be more continuity in program and peers for those who attend consecutive weeks. But for some campers, particularly the Crew (4 and 5 year olds), day camp is a tiring program and a week off gives campers a chance to rest up. Certainly if your summer schedule requires that campers need to be somewhere else for a week, there is no reason why they can’t miss a week at MDC and then return.

Can campers attend day camp for part of a week?

No. Our program consists of 5 day weeks from 9am to 3pm.

Is there an age requirement for sailing?

No. Campers must be in American Red Cross (ARC) swim level 3 or higher to participate in sailing. If your child has never been tested according to ARC requirements, they will be assessed on their first day of camp to be placed in the appropriate swim group.

When do campers sign up for activities?

Campers sign up for activities while they are at camp. On Monday morning, campers sign up for their Occupation (weekly activity), and every day they sign up for their elective (daily activity). The Crew unit (4 and 5 year olds) does not sign up for activities; they stay with their unit for the entire day and follow a separate schedule.

What’s the difference between Days A-Way and Campers A-Way?

Days A-Way (DAW) is a five day/four night program that runs in conjunction with the day camp each week from Monday to Friday. From 9am to 3pm, DAW campers are part of their respective age group units on the same schedule, participating in the same activities. At 3pm, the day campers go home and the DAW campers continue with their program. There is very little interaction between the DAW campers and the resident campers who are here for longer stays.

Campers A-Way (CAW), however, is a ten day program that is part of our resident camp. CAW campers stay in the cabins with the resident campers and are on the same schedule. The resident camp CAW program is for children ages 8-11 while the day camp DAW program is for children ages 8-13. Both programs are intended to be introductions to an overnight camping experience.

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