Imagination at Summer Camp

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Cape Cod Sea Camps – Imagination

Does anyone have any idea how much a thought or idea weighs? It’s difficult to define isn’t it? We can’t touch thoughts or ideas the same way we can touch a rock or a tennis racquet, but they are still very real things. And the really amazing thing, is that all of us here from the juniors & junior scouts all the way to the senior staff with grandchildren have the ability to create thoughts and ideas. We literally have the ability to bring nothing into being simply by imagining it. Our imaginations are one of the most important tools we will carry with us throughout our entire life and like any tool we need to practice using it if we want to become a level VI imagineer or a “Blue Star Imagineer”. Camp is a great place to cultivate this… Here in our little paradise on the Cape, our minds are free from the drudgery of our normal routines.  We aren’t glued to television sets or chained to our phones or computers and our imaginations have room to question and explore and grow. Rich imaginations are what move the world forward and create things like cars, planes, economies, watches, the internet, medicine, sports, and electric golf carts. So as you go about your day I want you to remember, anything you can imagine is possible, from campers deciding how to spend rest hour, to post college graduates trying to make sense of life, you are only limited by what you can imagine. Create yourself. Create something. Have a great day.


(c) Devin Sommer

2017 Cape Cod Sea Camps Tennis Director