Circle of Memories

A circle signifies a group of people sharing an interest, activity, achievement or special accomplishment.  Memory is the ability to retain and recall past experiences.  A Circle of Memories is a place where both of these inspirations merge to create a unique gathering place at camp.

Camp is a place where generations of boys, girls and young adults have found a “second home,” filled with love, laughter, and friendship.  Long after the last Reveille has sounded, campers current and past find celebration, and occasionally solace, in their memories of fun-filled days spent on the shore of Cape Cod Bay under the watchful, nurturing eyes of counselors, staff, and directors.

Wherever their individual paths take them, campers and alumni carry with them many evocative memories of life-changing experiences at camp.  Our new Circle of Memories is intended to celebrate those remembrances, by actively sharing stories and creating experiences while sitting in the circle as well as opportunities for capturing these special memories on permanent metal plaques affixed to benches surrounding the stones and fire.  We envision this to be a special place of reflection, joy and camaraderie.

We hope you will enjoy it with us.