Wellness & Safety

Camps are unique in their setting, purpose and the types of experiences each provide. Our primary objective revolves around the growth and development of the campers and staff within the CCSC community. 

One of our goals is to develop an interconnected community where the focus of each camper and staff member fosters a promotion of a cooperative spirit, kinship and positive relationship between all members of the camp, unit or cabin. Through this close community environment, we are able to create an atmosphere of learning and growth – physically, mentally and spiritually – for all members of the community.

Cape Cod Sea Camps is committed to the well-being of all members of the camp community. Our health center operates 24-hours per day and is fully-staffed with Registered Nurses including a nurse manager, staff nurses, and licensed Nurse Practitioners. In addition, a consulting pediatrician and psychologist are available as emergency resources. We do not offer therapeutic mental health care on a regular basis.

Staff members are certified in American Red Cross CPR and First Aid. Additional certifications for staff may include:

Activity Certification
Waterfront Staff Small Craft Safety, CPR, First Aid and/or Lifeguarding
Swim Staff WSI and/or Lifeguarding
Sailing Staff US Sailing Certification or Small Craft Safety and Water Rescue or Lifeguarding
Archery Staff NAA Archery Instructor
Marksmanship Staff JROTC Air Rifle Instructor

Counselor points at swim safety board
Group of campers in lifejackets sit on floor

Gender Identity Inclusion Statement and Policies

Cape Cod Sea Camps strives to create a fully inclusive culture and environment that values equality and fosters respect for all people. One of the goals of Cape Cod Sea Camps is to bring together a diverse community of individuals that include campers and staff from a variety of geographic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. In this way we seek to bridge social, economic, and cultural gaps to build positive relationships and deep mutual understanding for our young campers. We endeavor to promote a culture of equity that is free from bias and injustice. We strive to achieve equal access, identify and resolve inequities, and work to remove institutional barriers that limit the ability of all people to develop their full potential. Cape Cod Sea Camps recognizes that gender identity exists on a spectrum and the Camp community welcomes people of all genders.

All people have a gender identity. For most people, their gender identity matches their assigned sex at birth. For transgender people, that is not the case. Transgender girls are individuals who were assigned the male sex at birth but whose lived experience of who they are is female. Transgender boys are individuals who were assigned the female sex at birth but whose lived experience of who they are is male. As a camp community, we want to provide a supportive environment for all of our campers and staff so they can flourish and have positive experiences. That means making sure that our Camp’s policies and practices are inclusive and respectful of all campers and staff, including transgender individuals.

Inclusion is a Journey, Not a Destination

Camp Cod Sea Camps seeks to provide a learning environment in an outdoor setting based on community living, working, and playing together. We work hard at developing sensitivity training involving campers and staff during the course of a summer, establishing policies for inclusion, anti-bullying, sexual harassment; and promoting core values. Through education and a commitment to a fully open and supportive community, championing values of equality and respect, Cape Cod Sea Camps continues to provide opportunities for healthy growth and development of the entire camp community.

We work at having a positive impact on each individual who comes to Cape Cod Sea Camps. Cape Cod Sea Camps is committed to working with individuals to ensure the greatest inclusion that is reasonably possible within facility and resource limitations.

ACA Accreditation and Camp License

The American Camp Association (ACA) accredits CCSC every five years. The ACA’s Standards Program is the only nationally recognized program to monitor all aspects of a camp’s operation. Less than 2500 camps nationwide have earned this prestigious distinction. Furthermore, CCSC is licensed by the town of Brewster on an annual basis as determined by the MA Dept of Public Health (105 CMR 430.000). Information on these regulations can be obtained by calling 617-983- 6761. Included in the handbook are our procedures and policies on counselor background screening, health care and disciplinary policies.

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